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‘Taste of the Lakes’ is a family run business whose roots are as Cumbrian as its products. Originally the company took its name from the farm upon which the owner’s family had tended the land for generations and it was established with the single aim of providing quality farm products into the local area.

From these small beginnings the company went on to become one of the leading producers of fine Smoked Scottish salmon in the United Kingdom but the passion for providing high quality, locally produced foods which was the inspiration behind the formation of the original company remained and in 2008 the family formed ‘Taste of the Lakes’ to allow them to pursue those original goals.

Supporting local

The company has gone from strength to strength and Taste of the Lakes’ moved to a purpose built manufacturing site which is situated on the Solway Coast within 10 miles of the original farm that was the birth place of the company.

From their new base the family continue to produce a range of butchery products, smoked meats, smoked fish and cooked meat products using traditional methods, such as dry curing and hot smoking, and using only the finest ingredients.

One of the core values which sets ‘Taste of the Lakes’ apart from other companies is its policy of, wherever possible, purchasing from local suppliers. As a result of this the majority of pork used in our dry cured bacon and sausage range is purchased from suppliers who are situated within thirty miles of the production facility.

Farmhouse traditions

Dry curing is the oldest known method of preserving bacon, dating back to the Saxon period, and originally each farmhouse would have its own recipe and a side of bacon would hang in the inglenook above the fireplace to see the family through the baron winter months.

Over the years the method that we use in the production of our dry cured back, streaky and smoked bacons has changed very little since those farmhouse days and we like to think we are keeping alive a tradition that can be traced back to the kitchens of the Cumbrian farming community.

Cold Smoking

The process of cold smoking can be traced back even further to the coastal communities of stone­age Britain. Dry cured, then slowly cooked in traditional style kilns over oak wood, our cold smoked salmon sides and portions offer the opportunity to taste salmon the way it was originally prepared.

‘Taste of the Lakes’ continue to be committed to traditional methods of food production while ensuring that the demands of the modern consumer are met through its continued investment in facilities, equipment and personnel. The company remains at the heart of the local community and carries the core values of that community through everything that it does.

Taste of the Lake is part of the Harbourside Products group of companies.

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