Deli Sandwiches

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We have an amazing range of deli sandwich meats – so we thought we’d put some ideas together. It started with a photo shoot lunch – our Chef Kev Hillyer put this together –
Bread – and rustic or sourdough, we used slices of succulent smokey bratwurst sausage

the sausage fantastic and full of flavour when cold – but fry it! The taste gets even better.

Add Turkey pastrami a few slices of this deli turkey with its delicate spice and smoke to really launch the turkey flavour on to your palate.

Mustard – a simple English or a milder American, for me Dijon!
Cheese – all sorts of cheeses work, from Emmental to Cheddar. Ours has goats cheese from up the road at Piper Hole Goat Farm
Add some salad nice vine tomato and your choice of leaves – iceberg lettuce for it’s crunch adds another texture to the filling

A smoky bratwurst-style sausage
smoky cooked bratwurst sausage
Turkey Breast Pastrami